accuLTLaccuLTL delivers the only PURE API based solution to all your LTL needs.

Existing TMS platforms provide the same old technology that has been around forever and a day without change. No matter how much lipstick you put on a pig at the end of the day it’s still a pig. In this day and age where competition is fierce and technology should be dong the hard work for you, can you afford to keep flushing dollars down the toilet performing the same old manual tasks for managing your tariffs setting up complex EDI integrations that do nothing more that remove profit from the already tight margins you are making?

At accufRATE we say no more!

Join our revolution today and eliminate the need to spend your hard earned dollars managing complex legacy solutions.

  • accuLTL gives you the power to accurately rate your freight against your tariffs in real time directly with the carrier regardless of your negotiated base rate.
  • accuLTL eliminates the need for using other database driven rating systems which are prone to data entry errors.
  • accuLTL delivers a carrier quote number and current transit time with every quote.
  • accuLTL delivers the only maintenance free quoting system. Never update your tariff profile again, even for fuel surcharges!
  • accuLTL allows you to go from your BOL directly to dispatch using our proprietary “one-click-dispatch” technology regardless of the carrier, automatically tendering the shipment and returning a pickup number.
  • accuLTL automatically determines which PRO number applies to which BOL with no human interaction.
  • accuLTL eliminates the need for complex EDI setup.
  • accuLTL automatically tracks your shipments providing you with information as current as is available from the carrier.
  • accuLTL automatically starts pulling  actual scanned images of all available documents  directly from the carrier including BOL, POD, W&R and W&I, within one hour of the image being available. No more EDI text streams.
  • accuLTL allows your customers to work autonomously within the confines you give them.

Take control of your LTL costs once and for all by partnering with accufRATE today and let us show you how you can start saving money today!