Does accufRATE sell rates?

accufRATE does not sell rates, we are not a broker nor do ever plan to be, however, we can connect you with our Global Tariff Network. The Global Tariff Network consists of other accufRATE customers who can provide you with pricing which is discounted based on a high volume shipping and cover the entire spectrum of commodity class. These Global Tariff Providers may extend  their rates to you subject to credit approval. Call us if you would like more information  on how this works.

Do you use SMC3 for your rating and EDI for your load tendering and tracking?

The answer is an emphatic NO!  Our technology relies exclusively on a pure API integration with the carriers period! This is the only way to maintain the level of integrity and reliability throughout  our products and services that we deliver today. No legacy systems will be maintained within accufRATE now or ever!

Does accufRATE web scrape carrier websites?

Absolutely not! Web scraping is a process which copies the actions of a user as if they were trying to run a quote on a website. It then repeats these mouse clicks and entries as each new request is made. The problem with this method is that it breaks anytime there is the slightest change to a website. It is also a very slow process because all it is doing is mimicking a users prerecording entries and clicks.

At accufRATE we pride ourselves in being the first to have delivered a true pure API based solution to the industry. It has been achieved through compilation of great vision and commitment by our hard working team of architects and developers putting in endless hours of development. We will continue to push the envelope to deliver the best complete TMS system the industry has ever seen.

Web scrapping is a recipe for failure, used only by failures!

Is there an interface for me to load my tariffs and maintain them and update my fuel sur-charges etc.?

No, what accufRATE provides ia a complety maintenance free tariff management system. We enter your carrier accounts for you one time and never have to touch them again.

You fuel surcharged changes and any negotiations made on any of your tariffs updated automatically and reflected in the very next quote you process.

If my carriers provide pallet rates can accufRATE return rates along with the traditional class and weight quotes?

Yes, accufRATE’s unique rating capabilities allows us to return rates based on both class and weight or pallet rates on the same screen simultaneously. If you only work with carriers that provide pallet rates the you will only receive pallet rates in your response.

Which carriers does accufRATE support?

accufRATE currently supports about 70 carrier, all national carriers are supported as well as a large number of regional carriers however, we are bringing on new carriers each week. Our commitment to grow our carrier base is evident as we provide some of the smaller and more regional carriers, particularly pallet rate carriers with our proprietary technology to become supported thereby increasing their presence and gaining an opportunity to bid on loads which they would otherwise miss out on.