accuAUDIT is our answer to ensuring that you pay the carrier what you were expecting to pay!

Carriers are constantly sending out incorrect bills and leaving you in the position to get the bills fixed. This process is timely and very costly in most cases and many times you are on the losing end of this process. In many cases shippers don’t even have the manpower or the volume is too high to even check what is being billed and thus payments are made automatically.



With accuAUDIT you are now armed to the teeth to successfully defend your position with the carrier. Our system can ingest your parcel bills and in a very short time determine if what you were billed was in fact correct. We will provide you a report that shows all the exceptions that have occurred and you will then have the option of addressing the issues with the carriers. Combine all this with the accuTRACK functions and you will have all the information you will need to expose billing inconsistencies in one convenient place.