Let’s face it, dealing with carriers on claims can be difficult at it’s best!

By the time you have completed gathering all the information a carrier wants, submitted it to the carrier, tracked the process and finally getting paid all the profit that existed in the shipment to begin with is not only gone but your now in the red on the shipment itself.

accuCLAIMS cannot eliminate damages from occuring nor can it bring back your profits but it can help minimize the impact on your bottom line by giving you a single area where you and the carrier can communicate and pass information about a claim.

Once you have gathered all the information you need to provide the carrier you will have the ability to generate a claim in accufRATE. You can then upload all the information needed such as pictures and invoices along with a claim form and immediately send it to the carrier. The carrier in turn can communicate to you via the claim portal so all the information is available in one place that you can search on and track. accuCLAIMS will also alert you when there has been activity on a claim so that you can react to the carriers requests without additional delay.

It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with your carriers directly or via our Global Tariff Network, the information will always be directed to the right person to deal with the claim and you will have a single area to go to that will house all the information and notes on a claim.