Are you tired of processing many orders one at a time?

Do you get batches of orders from big-box retailers multiple times a week and spend hours processing each batch?

Is your product distribution bottle-necked by a  slow and inefficient shipping department?

If you answered yes to any of the above then accuDISPATCH-PRO is the solution you have been waiting for!


  • Upload your orders into accuDISPATCH-PRO as a spreadsheet.
  • Pick your quoting methodology.
  • Select your dispatch options.

Press “GO” and everything happens automatically!

Within a few minutes your entire batch of orders will be quoted, BOL’s created, printed, emailed and automatically dispatched with confirmed pickup numbers from the carriers on each shipment. All you need to do is pull the BOL’s off the printer and wait for the carriers to show up and pickup your shipments!

Spend your time managing your company and lower your overall freight costs by using accuDISPATCH-PRO.