Knowing your shipment status is not only one of the most important aspects of your business but it can be one of the most time consuming efforts as well. At accufRATE we realize that this function alone causes your profit dollars to dwindle as traditional methods are either time consuming, unreliable or simply too slow!

accufRATE brings a seamless solution to solve this major issue that you face daily!

Each morning all your shipment PRO numbers are automatically determined and assigned to your shipments.

accuTRACK automatically starts providing tracking information directly on your dashboard and updates this information every hour of the day. But if that’s not fast enough or current enough for you, a simply clicking on the tracking icon for a shipment will pull a real-time status directly from the carrier and display the result on your screen.

Take control of your tracking without compromise! Don’t wait for the information to come to you at the carriers convenience, let accufRATE get it for you automatically and update your dashboard instantly.