Document Retrieval

Document image retrieval has been a challenge to shippers and 3PL’s alike. Trying to obtain scanned copies of Bill of Ladings, W & I Certificates and the all-important Proof of Delivery can be time consuming at best and waiting for them to arrive my snail mail can cost you money.

How many times have you had to talk to a customer about problems with a delivery or had to back bill a customer long after the shipment has been delivered?

This not only costs you money but more importantly will damage the relationship you have with your customer. In an industry where you are only as good as your last shipment and competition is knocking at your customers’ door daily, you need to preserve your relationship at all costs.

Information is key and in this day and age you and your customers expect the information flow to be instant.

Our document retrieval system automatically pulls documents from the carriers within an hour of the carrier making them available!

These documents are available directly on your tracking screen without any effort on your part. You can now leverage this information to keep yourself and your customer informed on every aspect of the shipment and identify issues before they become problems.

Let our technology help you save money and more importantly your relationships.