Auto Dispatch

Traditional dispatching is done in one of a few inefficient and unreliable ways.

  1. Manually call the carrier and arrange the pickup.
  2. Email the dispatch information to a carrier and wait for a response.
  3. Use EDI technology to send a request to the carrier and then wait for an EDI confirmation.

All of these methods take precious time away from your business and leave you hoping that the request was received and accepted.


accufRATE will forever change the way you dispatch shipments to your carriers. The power of our Auto Dispatch technology ensures that you never again waste time calling, emailing or hoping that the EDI request made it to the carrier.

Our Auto Dispatch technology is directly integrated with the carriers and with a simple click of the mouse not only will your shipment be dispatched with the carrier but you will get an instant notification from the carrier on your tracking screen showing the carrier pickup confirmation number. This ensures that the carrier has received the dispatch request directly in their system and has confirmed it.